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Unforgotten Realms Fanon Wiki is a fan fiction wiki about the web series, Unforgotten Realms that anyone can add to. We work together, creating our own characters, places, spells and more, based on the web series by Robert Moran.

Latest activity

Featured User: Lcawte

Reason for nomination: Creating this fanon!

About Lcawte

Hi, I'm Lewis "Lcawte" Cawte. I'm a huge fan of Unforgotten Realms, the Web Series. I first made an edit on Unforgotten Realms Wiki in July 2009. I am now Administrator and Bureaucrat there. I'm behind some of the wiki's changes such as: Links you can read while using the custom skin and some more, like a episode template that hasn't been used yet, and the Episode naming policy. You'll see me here time to time, if its not commanding other people, it will be cleaning up vandalism, or doing those tedious little jobs no one likes.

New Characters

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